Ladies, This is your social group to network, develop 
  friendships and simply have fun with great women.

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Think of it as your easy way to expand your social circles,
        create new friendships and share information.

Whether you're a recent transplant or are a native to the area,
     now is the best time get active and stay in the know.


Since 2006, City Girls Group (CGG) has hosted over 250 events with 5,000+ members. 

This online community brings fabulous women at any stage of life together. Members a connecting through fun activities, creating lasting memories.


You will have fun mixing and mingling with fabulous friends 
                     AND filling your Social Calendar!


As modern women, we want more in a rapidly changing social world. We no longer expect to live the lives of our mothers and grandmothers, who knew what their futures might hold. Now is the time when we are moving around independently, are highly educated, active and looking to connect and fully explore our interests and passions.

Life is what we make it, let's connect and have fun with this light and energetic community!

logo-flower.JPG City Girls Say...

"When I found City Girls Group I thought, why haven’t I come across this before? What a great idea! I was looking to make great new friends in the city, share common interests, have fun and interesting conversations (preferably over a few glasses of great wine), and just form friendships with a group of intelligent, funny and interesting women. This is the perfect forum to do just that!" –Abby G

"I was not sure what to expect and slightly anxious, but something was telling me it would be a great idea to develop a strong network of girls. The group was a mix of girls of all ages, professional backgrounds, and styles. I was really glad to have gone and look forward to the next event." –Katrina K

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