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Abby G

Member since: Jan 2009

"When I came across "City Girls Group"...I thought, "why have I never come across this before?!" What a great idea! I was looking to make some great new friends in the city, share some common interests, have fun and interesting conversations (preferably over a few glasses of great wine!:)...and just form friendships with a group of intelligent, funny and interesting women. And I think this is the perfect forum to do just that and am looking forward to it!"

Sharon V

Member since: Nov 2007

"Hi Christy, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy being a City Girl!  Thanks for planning all the fun events.  I think that type of events you plan attracts like minded city career girls and I am really enjoying meeting all the members."

Tara D

Member since: Feb 2008

"I've only been around for a couple of months, but I've met some really awesome people so far, and I've gone to some really fun events and places that I never would have been without the City Girls group.  I've attended a Greek Supper Club event, several Foodies dinners, the Bay to Breakers, a Tea Party, a Book Club meeting, two Girl Talk nights, a couple of movie events, a Happy Hour, and a Firefighter Auction!  My favorite so far was probably the Greek Supper Club! Tasty and fun!"

Diana T

Member since: Feb 2007

"Since I'm still relatively new to the city, I enjoy the activities that help me to get to know the areas... Thanks for the great work you have been doing."

Laura W

Member since: Jan 2008

"I am really looking forward to the book club, I love brunches and happy hours and dinners... I think the group works really well and definitely has made a difference in my life..."

Kathleen W

Member since: Feb 2007

"Wow, your group is super organized!  I checked out the calendar of events, and I love the variety of different events you offer. I'm looking forward to participating in some of the events.  I'm a native SF'er and have a great circle of friends, but alas, most of my girlfriends are either married, married with kids or have moved out of the Bay Area.  Therefore, it's getting more difficult to have consistent people who want to go out and have a good time.  I was really excited when I read your posting.  I'm looking for fun women who want to have a good time, and are cool!"

Sofia K

Member since: Jan 2007

"I had just moved from Menlo Park and wanted to meet new people and make new friends." "My first event, I went to a happy hour at Bubble Lounge. It was great! I met a bunch of great girls. Two who became my really good friends. Both of them don't live here in SF anymore. One moved to Chicago and the other one to Boston, but we talk all the time and will be friends forever."

Anne P

Member since: Apr 2008

"At this stage of life I have had a lot of friends move or get married and have kids. Prior to what I do now, I was a concierge and so very was very much involved in SF events and I enjoy all activities in the city. I wanted to meet a group to not only share experiences with but also to expand my circle of friends." "My first event was an afternoon at the movies which was great. I often will go on my own if there is something I want to see but it was really great to get together before hand and wallk in as a group."

Katrina K

Member since: Jun 2006

"My first event was a happy hour at former Monte Christo in at Embarcadero. I was not sure what to expect and was slightly anxious but something was telling me it would be a great idea to develop a strong network of girls."

"Reflecting SF's diversity, the group was a mix of girls of all ages, professional backgrounds, and styles. Christy greeted me in the most friendly way which helped me get comfortable. I chatted with quite a few girls and had a wonderful time. I was really glad to have gone and was looking forward to the next event."

Katie L

Member since: Jan 2008

"The main reason I joined City Girls is to meet new friends and make lasting relationships. I'm a shy gal, and would like to meet more women who are interested in meeting and maintaining relationships."

Melanie J

Member since: Jul 2008

"I joined City Girls because I am anxious to meet others with common interests and develop a community. When I am not traveling for my job, I work out of my home. Consequently, I have not met many people in almost 2 years of being in San Francisco. I looked at the City Girls information and really felt like I would have something in common with this organization."

Alison J

Member since: Oct 2008

"I liked the idea of being part of a group of people who do fun things! It's great to look at the social calendar and know that there are so many opportunities to do interesting things with outgoing people."

"The first event I went to was a greek-themed dinner. I wasn't sure what to expect - how many people would be there, or how easy or hard it would be to talk to people there. I had a fantastic time! There were six or seven of us, just talking and laughing over a potluck dinner. I was hooked."

"Right now, my favorite events are the movie nights at Monika's house. I make jewelry instead of knitting."

Jaemi D

Member since: Apr 2008

"My first citygirl experience was attending a movie showing at Embarcadero 1. I wasn't really sure what to expect or how many people were going to show up. It was a small group and everyone was very nice and was genuinely interested in getting to know a little about me."

"I would love to coordinate a wine tour in Napa or Sonoma or even a wine pairing party with a specific theme. I've done this before and it's ALWAYS a good time!"

"I think this group is great for women! We all need other women in our life regardless of our marital status because we know each other best!! I'd love to meet more of you ladies as time progresses with different events!"

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